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No more wasting time going through pages of search results. Find exactly what you are searching for fast. Power Search Tool enables you to target your searches with a simple click. Generating targeted search results directly from your browser in a matter of seconds!

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Windows and Mac

Click the red "Get It Now" button above to get started. You can install the Power Search Tool on windows or Mac. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox versions are available. When you install Power Search Tool to your browser, you will be able to perform advanced Google target searches directly from your browser. You will be able to target your searches for file types, history, content, niche, images, videos, locations, maps, other search engines and much more. Download the Power Search Tool right now absolutely free.

No more headaches going through pages of search results. Find it on your first search!

Why Millions of Search Results?

When you go to Google and submit a search, the chances are you will get millions of results for your specific keyword or phrase. However, no one has the time to go through millions of search results to find what they are looking for. Power Search Tool will enable you to automatically filter out all the irrelevant results leaving you the results you are looking for.

You can target your search by the type of file.

For instance:

  • Word Documents
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • PDF Files and e-Books
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Rich Text Format

Search By Date (3 months, 6 months, a year)

Here are some other Target Searches that you can performed with a simple click:

  • 3 Months Old – See Google Results 3 Months ago
  • 6 Months Old – See Google Results 6 Months ago
  • 12 Months Old – See Google Results 12 Months ago

Occurrences Search

Search a particular text in a specific part of the web-page. If you know the title for a site or a article you can search it by title and find it right away! You can search by links and more.

Usage Rights Search

How about free content. You can target your search to bring up pages that you can use for your own website. Content that is allowed to be used, manufactured, edited and so on. You can target your search to specify what for different types of user rights.

Exact Phrase Search

Target your search results by limiting it to results that need your exact search phrase. Never has it been easier to automatically target your searches.

Include Synonyms Search

Broaden your search by adding Synonyms to your search term.

Similar Web Pages Search

Perform 2 searches in one. This feature includes searches of sites that are related to you’re the sites that come up on your results page. (This can be a helpful tool when you are not getting enough results, or want to see broader results)

Links To This Page (back links)

Check backlinks to any web site or page with a simple click! Great for finding out how popular a particular site is.

Define Search

Enter a word and hit the Define Search button to instantly get a number of the most common and up to date definitions for any word. Easy!

Advanced Target Image Search

You can target your image searches with a simple click. Find the images you are looking for in seconds. You can target your image searches by image file type, size and even coloration. You can even enter a domain name and request it to find all the images index by Google that are hosted on that domain.

Power Video Search Feature

Find all your favorite movies in by different genres and languages. You can search for any specific video and watch it right on the results page. You can target your searches to romance, educational, action, drama, entertainment, children’s movies and so on. You do not need to go to all the different video hosting sites to find your favorite videos, use the Power Search Tool to do it all for you!

Split Search

Search 2 different search engines at the same time and compare the results. Do this with a simple click with the new Power Search Tool. Generate Split Search operations for Google, Yahoo!, Ask (former Ask Jeeves) and Windows Live (MSN). Choose your Power Search Tool version above to try out the new Split Search feature.

Bible Search

You can pull up any bible passage with the Power Search Tool simply by entering the reference and clicking the bible icon. The Power Search Tool will submit the request to and bring you the passage up in a matter of seconds. You can search different versions and languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Spyware?

There is NO spyware or adware in our software. The Power Search Tool have been scanned and verified by Find more information here.

I use a MAC, can I still use the Power Search Tool?

Yes. Just download it onto your Mozilla Firefox browser. Just download Mozilla Firefox browser for MAC.

I use both Firefox and Explorer, what do I do?

If you use both Internet Explorer and Firefox you can do both. Just start with one installation and then run the other one.

Can I uninstall it if I don't want it?

Yes, you can uninstall it directly from your browser in just a few seconds.

Is This a Google product?

No. Even though searches are performed by Google, the Power Search Tool is not developed by Google.

Is There Support?

Once you have installed Power Search Tool you will find a Help button on your browser. You can find several different types of support from that menu.

Is There a User Manual Available?

Yes. Once you have installed there is a help menu with videos, tips and tutorials you can watch online.


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